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Abandoning the Poker Face

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To be a successful poker player, we all know that you need to have a stone cold poker face. Whether you have a winning hand or a pile of turd, you remain steadfast and dare your opponents to make the first move. The process is similar during transfer negotiations. Holding your cards close to your chest means you retain bargaining power. Why then are chief executives in this country abandoning Read More

The end of an era: just what happened to Spain?

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The system no longer works This is yet another example that shows that the ‘tiki-taka’ system perfected by Spain and Barcelona is no longer a winning formula. Over the past few years, sides that deploy this system have been overtaken by those with pace, power and athleticism – something Chile had in droves. Whether it was Barcelona being trounced 7-0 on aggregate by Bayern Munich in the ________ Champions League or Read More

How to solve a problem like Fabregas

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Another summer, another slew of Cesc Fabregas rumours. While Manchester United’s ill-fated and frankly hilarious pursuit last summer ended in failure and a reassessment of goals for David Moyes, there was a question over whether Fabregas was available at all. This year however, all the sounds coming out of Barcelona, including those of Luis Enrique, suggest that Barcelona are finally admitting that their liberation of Fabregas from his ‘slavery’ in Read More